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Thank YOU, Nicola!

The Trust and supporters are awed and humbled by the enthusiasm and vision of Nicola Clark, the driving force behind last weekend's terrific inaugural music festival at the Goods Shed.

Typically, Nicola's first thought was to sit down and thank everyone else involved (which we've reposted below from Facebook). We'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Nicola for everything she has done over the last nine months to help us put the Shed project on the map: artist in residence, spirit of Valentine's Day, orchestrator of the Goddesses in the Goods Shed and tireless festival organiser. Thank you. Without you we would not be nearly as far down the road as we are today 

 (From Nicola's page)


The weather was kind on the whole, except perhaps to our resourceful poets Caroline WatsonSandra Hickmore and Bill Jones who, however, rose to the challenge of a little rain magnificently, drawing their audiences ever closer; the spirits of generosity and creativity ruled!

I seem to be incapable of standing on the stage and giving the appropriate Oscars-style speech of acknowledgement and gratitude to all performers and contributors. So let me say a huge THANK YOU to you all right now.

Thankyou to Duncan AbbottAnna Dugdale and Sam Dugdale, Moira Gilchrist and Tony Cima, Sarana VerLin and James Slater and Colin Sillence. Your music literally made the old rafters of the Goods Shed ring and our morning hearts sing; great quality musicianship and entertainment. 
Many thanks to Barry Watkins for MCing and keeping it all flowing.
Thankyou to Karina Gabner for taking meeting and greeting and taking care of the musicians

Thank you to the fabulous youth section : local school girl choir, Romanpella, with your glorious voices and harmonies and your inspirational choir mistress, Heg of Heg & The Wolf ChorusRory Evans, you were dazzling and had our caterers outside texting to their friends to come and here the music! Seth Bye & Katie Griffin - your charm and musical skill were the perfect culmination to the afternoon's musical feast.

Thanks to Sam Dugdale for introducing the acts and setting the congenial tone!

And now the evening concert: while the rain drummed softly on the roof outside, Mike Scott , Blondes With BeardsThe Yirdbards and Johnny Coppin sang to an entranced audience.The moods ranged from thoughtful, to poetic, to outrage, to humorous and back, both Mike and Johnny encouraging the audience to join in with choruses and harmonies. A delighted audience were finally induced to dance in the aisles to the eclectic sounds of the Dead Man's Congas - the last band to take the stage in this festival of folk.
Thanks to Kieran Archer for MCing so elegantly!

Many, many thanks to Richard Cox and Colin Sillence for providing the sound system throughout the day and Lloyd Masson for mastering the sound for the biggest band of the day!

Thanks to Gavin (Sir Gavalot Winstone III) who designed, built and brought along the bicycle powered PA system for our open mic tent outside and to his beautiful daughters, Jasmine and Lucy, who provided the pedal power, whilst managing to look relaxed and glamorous most of the time!

Thank you Chris Newton of Minchinhampton Folk Club for running the open mic session all afternoon - thanks to you all who contributed your music to that.

Thanks to Jesse Smiths, the local butchers for providing soups, sausages and prime beef burgers all day.

An enormous thanks to Carolyn Witcher, for making the cakes for the tea stall and then spending the entire day serving refreshments with a smile. Her sense of style and occasion was responsible for the decorations; for the joy evoked by coloured bunting, spring flowers, pretty table cloths. She is a style queen!

Thank you to local businesses Artique, Tesco and The Royal Oak for the generous prizes you donated to the raffle.

Thanks to Alice of the School of Larks and Kai of 5 Valleys Circus for providing demonstrations and workshops for circus skills attended by both the young and old.

Last but not least - a great big thank you to the many unsung volunteers who created the publicity, delivered posters and leaflets, contacted papers and radio, manned the doors, sold the tickets, helped with the teas, posted direction signs and notices, prepared the stage and the seats, checked the electricity and set up the tents. Without you all none of this could happen.

Thank you all who have left comments and reminders of whom I forgot to thank! Where would I be without all of you appreciating different aspects of the day?
Lefty, you are my right-hand man in that respect!

So here goes: A big thank you to the real ale bartenders from The Royal Oak Tetbury who served an appreciative public all day. And thanks to the Royal Oak itself for providing a space for a lively session of instrumental music for part of the afternoon and another space for the Romnapella girls' choir to practice in before their very first public performance on the Goods Shed stage later.
It was all much appreciated!


Fashion calendar shoot at Tetbury Goods Shed

Colin Peacock photographing model Ellie Hoare in outfit loaned by Quetty Bang Bang

Photograper Colin Peacock at work in the Goods Shed on Saturday. 

Internationally-known photographer Colin was shooting the first images for a fundraising fashion calendar which will go on sale in aid of the project later this year. 

Inspiration for the calendar came from a series of photographs taken by Norman Parkinson for Vogue magazine in 1943. Hence the look adopted by our model, Ellie Hoare, in clothes provided by Tetbury vintage fashion boutique Quetty Bang Bang .

From the shots previewed on Colin’s Mac during the shoot, the results look fantastic. We’ll post a sample here in the next few days. In the meantime we’d love to hear from any shops or individuals who would like to get involved. Email

CDC gives green light to Goods Shed plans

Cotswold's planners today approved the latest planning drawings for the exterior of the Shed. This means we can go forward to detailed contractors' specifications ready for work to start.

The key changes in the latest plan are the addition of a glass foyer in front of the main sliding doors, under the restored canopy. We were also required to add a fire escape to the rear of the building for the safety of visitors on the raised mezzanine.  

Above: rendering of the latest plan for the Arts Centre. 

Below: the planning drawings (click to download a PDF copy).