We need to raise a further £68,000 to fit-out the Arts Centre

The rebuilding programme begun in June 2016 (Phase I) will renovate the whole building to a good standard, and add a small matching extension for toilets and kitchen. The plans preserve the external character of the building and the extension keeps the large internal space intact. The contractor's quotation for this stage of the project is £498,492, which is funded as follows:

Phase I Budget

Funding from Tetbury Town Council:      £ 361,792
Funding from TRLRT:                            £ 136,700
Total                                                      £ 498,492

TRLRT raised the £136,700 over three years from our events, from local sponsors and by securing funding pledges from local, regional and national charitable trusts and foundations (funds that a local council is unable to access). This phase is scheduled to complete in November 2016

Phase II: Fitting-out

Fitting-out works include the foyer, cinema and stage equipment, seating system, kitchen equipment and office equipment. There will be tiered seating for 184, and banquet space for over 100. Fitting the hall with a retractable seating system will give the best of both worlds – a large space for daytime use and tiered seating for films, performances and lectures. This versatility will allow the Shed to cater for a wide range of interests and events.

The total cost of this stage is estimated to be £185,000.

Phase II Budget

The Trust had already raised £82,000 (as at 19th June 2016) from grants, pledges and our own fundraising events. A 'name a seat' campaign is in the pipeline to bring in £60,000 the Trust needs to buy the retractable seating system.  

That leaves a current shortfall of £68,000 for which we are seeking grants and donations.

We hope to raise much of it via bids to regional and national charities and foundations. We are also looking to the generosity of individual donors to bring the project to fruition.

Find out more

Can you help us? You can contact the Trust at the following address:

Mr David Walker
Clerk to the Trustees
Tetbury Rail Lands Regeneration Trust
1 Northfield Road

Tel: 01666 500137

Email: tetburygoodshedproject@gmail.com